What are people saying about Framing Faith?

  • phil cooke endorsement

    Living out our faith in today’s distracted and disrupted world is far more difficult and challenging than most people think. That’s why Matt Knisely’s fascinating book Framing Faith is the road map we’ve been waiting to find. If you’re serious about hearing God through the noise of our digital culture, then this is the book for you. Order it today, and start cutting through the clutter.

    - Phil Cooke, Filmmaker, Media Consultant, and Author of Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media

  • pete wilson endorsement

    The creative insight and perspective in this book will help you learn to view life beyond the typical day-to-day grind and open your eyes so you’re wide-awake to see the extraordinary moments that are all around you.

    - Pete Wilson, Senior Pastor, Cross Point Church, Author of Plan B and Let Hope In

  • charles lee endorsement

    Framing Faith is an invitation to capture and embrace life’s unfolding stories and moments that ultimately shape our souls. Matt gifts us with new perspectives and insights into proactively embracing the beauty of life that we far too often take for granted. Slow down and read this book.

    - Charles Lee, CEO of Ideation and Author of Good Idea. Now What?

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