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Discerning rumor from truth is difficult when it about water today. The harsh reality is shortages, evidence of reservoirs and aquifers drying up, and of course, plenty of people who simply don’t care.


It’s hard to think about it when you’re a world away, but the truth is your not.  Right now according to the Water Quality & Health in the western world, right here in the United States, we have more people than our current water supply can adequately support.

I have been passionate about missions and humanitarian outreach to bring about change and awareness in the world.  I give regularly to NPO’s, donate time and talents but I have been wanting to do more.  Then I got an email from my friend Shawn.

He emailed a group of us and shared an idea with us; an idea to drink water to give water.

The bottomline, Water is at the heart of a daily crisis faced by a billion of the world’s most vulnerable people—a crisis that threatens life and destroys livelihoods on a devastating scale. The glass is half empty!

What can we do to help? Cinco De Mayo is one day of the year when more non-water liquid consumption is done than any other day of the year.   People will be funneling more liquor on that day than most people of a third world country will have water in a month.   What is your non-water beverage consumption?

The challenge is simple! Skip all non-water beverages for 5 days in May.  May 1-5 to be exact.  That means I will not be drinking my morning Tea, not having my midday expresso pick me up, or having my random Ice-Tea’s throughout the day.  What I will be drinking is water.  Saving the money I would have spent and then donating the saved funds to Water Missions International.  

What does that cost for 5 Days for you? I can tell you I spend more than $50-Dollars on drinks from Starbucks to Sonic in one week. That $50-Dollars could give more than 5 people clean drinking water for the rest of their lives.

What if we all did it? Drank Water to Give Water?  What if for 5 days we could get 600 of our friends to join in?  That would mean an entire community of 3000 people would have clean drinking water for the rest of their lives.


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