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There are many ways to go through life. You can go through life just going through the motions, or going through life being present and truly taking advantage of the world around you. Have you ever realized the present moment is all we have; that the life we are living is about the here and the now. Maybe you don’t think about that when the intensity of life is breathing down your back, but it’s a great way to take advantage of your life and to find a sense of peace and calm in the middle of a stressful and chaotic world.

There have been times when I’ve been over whelmed, when anxiety arrests me, I when found myself creatively drained and stressed out. The truths in these moments are that I’m distracted. Disconnected from my surroundings and most likely plugged into some to-do list, project, social conversation on Twitter or something else that is preoccupying my attention from the present.

No matter how chaotic life may be, if you simply learn to be present, you can find a sense of relaxation amidst your stressful life. Easer said then done, I know, but it’s a simple act that can change our life forever. It can help solve problems in your life, help you appreciate your surroundings even more, and be present in the moments that you have been given.


Nothing is but what is now.

- Ron Rash, Serena

If you are able to focus and be completely present, you will find that the external forces in your life that make you stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, suddenly won’t have as much impact on you.

For example, if you feel stress because your kids are making to much noise when you are trying to write (like what is happening to me right now) or be productive in some other pros, you can look at the situation in two ways. You can see the noise as a distraction from your life, or you can choose to be present in the situation. In other words, you can be present in the moment and focus on your kids and appreciate them for who they are and enjoy the time you have with them.

By the way, I took a break from writing this and got to hear an amazing eulogy from my son at the funeral of his four-foot-stuffed-dog “Big Ben.

What I’m getting at here is that being present is so rewarding. Being in the moments that are right in front of us are magical and freeing. Yes, it takes some insane amount of practice. No it’s not easy, but when you begin to pay attention to every aspect of what you’re doing, from your thoughts to your actions and your emotions, you truly can master the art of being present and start enjoying a calmer, less stressful existence.

How can you be present in the now moments of your life?

In a world moving way too fast, do you need focus because you fill every “spare” moment rather than taking an intermission to be present in every moment? Checkout my book Framing Faith and sign up for exclusive updates and give aways.

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