Sacred Moments


Life is hard and it can sometimes be a challenge just to find the will to live on in the face of all our troubles. But remember, we always fall as we learn to walk. We’re scarred by the simple acts of learning to stand on our own, yet still we force ourselves to stand.

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Thank You


Twelve days after Framing Faith has been released, there are no drummers drumming, but I’m blown away by how this book is resonating with so many people all over the world. Like most artists, I create from a place of vulnerability out of deep care for my audience in hopes that it takes root and cause self-examination. I realized in the process of writing Framing Faith, the present moment

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What Photo Do You Cherish?


In a day and age where there are millions and millions of photographers and 350-million photos are uploaded every day to Facebook there seems to be something missing for me. Maybe it was the feeling of picking up the small 5×6 envelope with negatives neatly tucked into their special pouch. Perhaps it was the faint smell from the developing chemicals still clinging to each print. Or it might have

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Never Satisfied


If there is ever an argument I have with my wife, it’s about how I’m never satisfied. Always desiring to know more. I can never be comfortable. Never be complacent or content. Rarely am I satisfied and I’m never just okay being. I’m curious. It’s easy to get comfortable. Easy to stop learning, to be indifferent, and to seek normality. I dream of being normal. I want to see

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Capturing Moments that Matter


In today’s fast-paced, mile-a-minute world, it can be easy for our lives to pass us by quickly. We spend so much time worrying about obligations, responsibilities, and the stresses of work and all the other demands that we miss the things that are right in front of us. Those who feel as if though their lives are unfulfilled are often individuals who are not taking the time to soak

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Giveaway: Canon DSLR


To celebrate todays release I’m giving away a Canon Rebel DSLR! Perfect for capturing special moments, big and small. Learn to frame life like a photographer and see God in new ways.

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Coffee Cup

Free Coffee & Story


My morning is nothing without a little coffee. It’s the best part of waking up when I have that black stuff in my cup. Call it what you will: Joe, Cuppa. Cupped Lightning, Daily Grind, Day-Starter, Mud, Tar, Rocket Fuel, Pentecostal Whiskey. No matter what you call it, coffee creates a connection. It

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