This morning I received a very encouraging message via Facebook from one of my past employees; It made my day. It’s power made me think about how an encouraging word can dramatically change the direction for the day.

Legend has it that Abraham Lincoln’s dying mother called her small son to her bedside and whispered, “Be somebody, Abe.”  Only three words, but who’s to say that those three words didn’t change the future of America?  We should never underestimate the power of an encouraging word to a young person who may not get it anywhere else.  I firmly believe those who are lifting the world upward and onward are those who encourage more than criticize.

Matt Knisely

Matt Knisely is an Emmy Award–winning visual storyteller, creative director, and author who loves telling stories of the extraordinary. Make sure you check out his book Framing Faith, it helps connect the seemingly unconnected, see the beauty right in front of us, and revealing how to be present in the moment.

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