On Location: Lighting


I had a lot of questions the other day after my weekend shoot in Oklahoma regarding my lighting set up. So how did I layout the set up?

Here is the thing, I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my workflow; I get stuck with really what works and looks great. My primary set up for this shoot consisted of a large 6x6ft diffusion panel to the left of where the subject would be sitting. Then I set up a socked beauty dish to light through the diffusion panel. I could have forgone the beauty dish and used a standard reflector, but I wanted to diffuse the light as much as possible before it hit the subject. To the right of the subject, I placed a large white reflector for fill and positioned a smaller silver reflector to be in his lap to bounce some light up from below. A final low-powered 55w, gridded softbox from behind and to the right brightened up his hair and added a highlight to one side. I then reverse this set up based on the different interview positions.

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