Moratorium On Negativity



What if we declared a moratorium on negativity? I’m not naive enough to think I can just make that declaration, but isn’t it a nice thought? Can you imagine how much more special your life would be if, for an entire week, nobody made a negative statement? I’m not suggesting that nobody would entertain a negative thought. Even I’m not that optimistic. But if nobody verbalized those negative thoughts, do you think there might actually be a decrease in the number of them? I wonder if we would all be happier? I wonder if we would all be more productive? I even wonder if we would all be healthier?

“That’s pretty ridiculous, Matt. It would be impossible to positive all the time let alone create an organization or any environment where everybody would stay positive.” I am aware that it would be impossible to make it happen at an organizational level. But what if, for this entire week, we as individuals each made a commitment to only express positive statements and keep negative statements unspoken?

I think I’ll start with me. Would you like to join me?

Matt Knisely

Matt Knisely is an Emmy Award–winning visual storyteller, creative director, and author who loves telling stories of the extraordinary. Make sure you check out his book Framing Faith, it helps connect the seemingly unconnected, see the beauty right in front of us, and revealing how to be present in the moment.

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  1. great thoughts man. how can you push "a moratorium on negativity" through twitter? A day of positive thoughts, actions & the plan for the future.. maybe #negativitymoratorium
    I'm with you.