Random Thoughts: Codfish & Catfish



Recently, I read a story about  fish suppliers who were having problems shipping codfish from the East Coast. By the time the fish reached the West coast, they were spoiled. They froze them, but by the time the fish arrived, they were mushy. They decided to send them alive. But the fish arrived dead so they tried sending the fish alive again, but with one difference. They included a catfish in each tank. By the time the codfish arrived, they were alive and well.  Apparently, spending the entire trip fleeing the catfish had kept them alive and well.

We all have catfish in our lives.  Typically, we complain about them.  Maybe we should be thankful.  They may be keeping us alive!

Matt Knisely

Matt Knisely is an Emmy Award–winning visual storyteller, creative director, and author who loves telling stories of the extraordinary. Make sure you check out his book Framing Faith, it helps connect the seemingly unconnected, see the beauty right in front of us, and revealing how to be present in the moment.

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