Random Thoughts: Context Clues



As all of you know, the use of context clues is a good tool for understanding the meaning of a word.  A word in isolation may have many different meanings, but when it is used in a sentence, that meaning becomes much clearer.

We sometimes interpret the intentions of other people incorrectly because we see what they do out of context.  We don’t have a good understanding of the circumstances that might be influencing their actions.  On the other hand, we see ourselves in context.

Just one more reason we shouldn’t judge.  

Matt Knisely

Matt Knisely is an Emmy Award–winning visual storyteller, creative director, and author who loves telling stories of the extraordinary. Make sure you check out his book Framing Faith, it helps connect the seemingly unconnected, see the beauty right in front of us, and revealing how to be present in the moment.

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  1. Here's a great article on strategies for using context clues to improve comprehension and understanding:

    Ron // Reply
  2. Teaching context clues for the purpose of contextual vocabulary development is widely accepted and practiced. However, using context clues as the primary means of word identification is counter productive. Check out the reasons at