Savoring the Now Moments


I love collecting moments. Cherishing them. Remembering and preserving them. As a parent the moments I experience with my children are wonderful moments, though I find it hard at times to capture, index, and catalog every instant because everything is memorable to me.

The moments that I see are more than just their first words, steps, or even their first day of school. They’re the instances when your chasing them around the house barefoot and you stand on a Lego and double over in pain or when they spontaneously start a dance party in the frozen food section at the grocer. Then there are even the moments that we sooner forget, like when you have to bail your son out of trouble at school or when he gets in to a fight. They could the moments you experience when your precocious daughter grows up. You know the point in time where you wait up late, sitting in the dark for her return after her first date. And then the moment you comforted her after a breakup, or maybe when you give her hand away. No matter how much we dread these moments, we need too realize and cherish them once they have come and especially when they have gone. We spend so much of our time rushing to the next milestone rather than savoring where we are at now.

This John Lewis advert really speaks to me about life moments, more importantly how we hurry life along, and if we don’t pay attention life will rob us of the subtleties and nuances that are the sum of our life. Too many times we focus on the end result and miss the little things along the way and then before you know it we’re at the end. There is something magical about what is woven into the fabric of day-to-day life. We need to look for these special little treasures, so we can cherish them always rather than having life steal them away. I was reminded of this very point the other day, during a conversation with my daughter over tea, that every moment of every day is a gift. It is gift bestowed to our children and us. In other words, La vie est pleine de petits plaisirs!

Life is full of these little pleasures and we should be grateful for the time we have right now. We should only hurry to slow down and not take every day and moment for granted. Everyday we go through our day unaware and blind to the small and precious moments that are right in front of us. Let’s all make it a point to enjoy these moments a little more.

How are you savoring the now moments?

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Matt Knisely

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