Comparing Apples

Stop Comparing Your Life, Live It


I had a phone call yesterday. It was one of those calls where both parties were speaking each others language. You know the type where it seems like fate orchestrated the whole thing and where the universe seemed to be aligned just right. We talked a lot about living intentionally, how to pull away from the fast pace, and get back to the way life was meant to be. And then we talked about how comparison is tearing away our fabric and ruining the moments we have been given. It’s like we fixate over wanting the Granny Smith to taste just like Honey Crisp Apple of life. We have to admit it. Just get it out there in the open. There are times that we compare ourself with others. I do it. You do it. We all do it, in some for or fashion. Matter of fact I struggle with this especially today when we, and almost everyone we know, are on a social network of some sort. We often see updates from our friends and acquaintances and we sometimes can’t help comparing their accomplishments with ours; after all we publish the best highlights of are lives. Social media is a lot like alcohol; it accentuates everything we do. Our tweets, instagrams, and status updates leave us with an emotional hangover after the euphoria wears off. Comparison is a foolish pursuit and nothing good ever comes from it. Yet somehow we let it take root and hold us captive and steal our happiness.


Comparison is the thief of joy.

- Theodore Roosevelt

Comparing the aspects of your life to other people is a straight path to lowering one’s self esteem because of a simple fact that somewhere out there is someone who is better than us. They maybe a finer photographer. A more advanced writer. A greater illustrator or a more accomplished composer. Dwelling on the thought that we do not measure up with others can only stifle our own personal growth. I know I compare myself to others because I know all the messy details and problems in my own life and I only see green grass and blue skies in contrast. We need to recognize the problem in order to combat these negative feelings within ourselves and towards other people, there are things we can do to not stop ourselves from lowering our own self-esteem and living our lives to the fullest. Always thinking how you fare with others makes a person unhappy. Many forget to be contented and thankful for the blessings that they do have and focus more on things that they don’t or can’t have. Some do it a few notches higher and they begin to forget why they started doing what they are doing in the first place. An artist, for example a painter, may forget why he or she fell in love with painting when he or she gets too engrossed in being famous.


Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.

- Shannon L. Alder

Knowing yourself is important. Learn to accept both your strengths and weaknesses. Value your strengths so that you can use them well in any field that you have chosen. Focus taking advantage and improving your strengths and do not dwell on your weaknesses. You can not always be the best in certain endeavors or fields but you can always be the best of being who you are.

The question now is this: Can you take the first step of living a life not controlled by comparisons?

Do you find your yourself trying to imitate, compare, or emulate someone who you admire? You have been created to be unique, special, and to live your own life—not someone else’s. You are an inspiration! Checkout my book Framing Faith and sign up for exclusive updates and give aways.  

Matt Knisely

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