We Are Not Invisible


I was honored to serve as a “Story Navigator” for a four minute film contest at a conference in Chicago called Story. The idea was to comb through Twitter and pick two submitted story lines to compete against each other. The stories needed to be original and be picked, developled, shot, and edited in under 12 hours. No small feet, a 4 minute story in Television would take a

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Cultivate: Visual Storytelling


I’ve gotten a lot of messages and requests to put something up from the conversation I was facilitating at Cultivate, because of the limited space in the room. I was honored to be speaking to a standing room only crowd. Background: For more than fifth-teen years I work in broadcast news employed at TV Stations around the United States. Most recently, I was the Director of Photojournalism in Minneapolis

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So Long #Supersecretidea


For the last few months a core group of us have been at work on one-of-a-kind conference experience. I cannot even call it a conference because it’s a conversation. It’s going to be less presentations, more engagement. No talking heads or dog & pony shows. In my opinion this experience is like taking: Idea Camp, Q, and TED, throw in lots of brilliant leaders in ministry communications and from

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